Though I love Yahoo! for all its work online, there are a few times when Yahoo! gives problems too :) Since yesterday when I installed the Miscrosoft Visual Studio Express, I was not able to login to the messenger. It was giving me a error called 81003004 and told me to try again later. Trying it again after 12 hours, it was still giving me that error, meaning something else was wrong.

The solution?

Goto Connection  Prefrences and use a http proxy. It helped!!!

Hope this helps! Let me know if you know of any other workaround for this login error on yahoo messenger.

Methods Suggested by other users to remove 81003004 error in yahoo messenger:

First method:

1. go to messenger menu
2. select connection preference/ preference
3. the tab will automatic select connection preference, if it doesn’t, select it manual.
4. change your internet conection type, for my problem i choose broadband(DSL/Cable).

Second Method

For me, it was because I had set a localhost ( proxy in Internet Explorer for anti-filtering purposes, thru which Y! Messenger was trying to connect. So I had to remove it to get it done.

just go to:
Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections (tab) > Lan Settings (button)

then uncheck the Proxy server checkbox.

Third Method

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