In the late 90’s when Google was only launching and Yahoo still at its helm, TheAnand‘s dad first introduced him to the computer, mostly playing games like Dave and Wolf like every other kid of his age. T’was Cool!

In the beginning of the 2000’s, I was introduced to a highly addictive narcotic substance called the Internet which quickly became my second home. Anand was furiously designing away uselessly entertaining websites at mainly for fun and coolness factors that came with it while all other 13 year olds were busy with more realistic stuff like Cricket or WWF.

Then on, in December ’05. Anand’s new home was up called The site mainly contained information on my misadventures and had my own design malfunctions.

Exactly a weeks later in 2006, I found a new found passion for blogging and its advantages over traditional web page creation. Alongside, I was also creating more niche sites and expanding my network and try to attain my lifes’ goals being the Money, Mercedes and the Mansion by the time I am 27. :)

In Feb 2008, I attended the BarCampKerala2 in Cochin and have been the part of TEN India since then. We organize unconferences in Kerala like BlogCampKerala and BarCampKerala.

Later in 2008, I founded Ayruz Web Holdings as a proprietorship to consolidate my digital works, but was later made into a partnership in 2009 along with two very capable founders – Kenney Jacob and Sanil Subhash which has successfully helped more than 100 clients use the internet as a sales and marketing medium. The firm now offers services in the digital marketing sphere for clients in the UK, U.S, Canada and in India and has worked with SMBs, individuals and government departments. We also launched our first product – WordZo in 2011.

After a 4  year journey which had the highs and lows of any bootstrapped startup, fast forward to May 2013, I quit my role as Chief Operating Office at ayruz web holdings due to personal reasons and am currently on a hiatus to take stock of my life and decide what I want to do next.

Offline, I am Anand Subramanian, a 25 year old entrepreneur who loves traveling on his motorcycle and dreams of buying a Mercedes by the time he is 27 :)

Anand Subramanian

This is the picture of Anand, a webmaster from Cochin, India.

BTW, I was not exactly featured in the Wired and this is a mock up :) Why on earth would Bill Gates donate to the open source foundation?!!?

Updated On July 23, 2013