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It is a RSS button. Clicking on it will let you subscribe to the RSS feed of my site using any feed reader of your choice.

err… RSS What? 😀

Well, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication”. A RSS feed document can contain a summary or the full content of that site. It allows you to know the latest of all the sites you regularly visit saving you the trouble and time of visiting each individual site everyday to get the latest stuff there. Almost all blogs and news sites and other sites who have regularly updated content provide RSS content.

Okie, RSS is the way to go. But how?

RSS documents can be read using softwares called “feed readers” or “aggregators”. You can subscribe by adding the RSS feed link into the software or by clicking on the RSS button on the site. This software makes your life easy by checking if the sites you subscribe to have new content for you. Some of the major feed readers include Google Reader, Feeddemon, Bloglines and many others. You can read more about the top RSS readers here.

So, click on my RSS Subscription button and stay updated!!!

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Updated On March 2, 2008