The iPad Mini is the latest entrant into the tablet segment from the Apple stable. The product is said to be a miniature version of iPad and is premium priced. The design clearly lives up to its price tag with a built that is pleasingly light to handle.  However, despite all glowing reviews this device received for its hardware finish, the iPad Mini is a delicate device and needs to be protected. It is always wise to protect this device with several of the stylish cases that are available in the market. Here is an example of a few of them.

Case Mate Tough Xtreme Case

If you are prone to dropping your gadgets, then you are better off investing in this case than any other in the list.

With a spec that is US Mil approved and with three layers of protection, this is one tough case that has screen protection, an impact protector and a shock absorbtion layer. It also protects your ipad mini from dust and rain as well. However, this case does not add bulk as it is built with a slim profile. Check this case out and other ipad mini cases from Case Mate.

Dodocase Hardcover Classic

The Dodocase Hardcover may not look impressive on the first impression, but once you use it, it gets impressive.

The iPad when placed in the case looks like a book. While using the Dodocase, the device is stuck on a pair of adhesive strips. Now, this case should be got by those who do not remove the device from the case frequently. The adhesive strips do not leave any residues as such, but they are quite hard to remove from the strip. There is an opening for the camera and provisions to use all the other buttons and ports without being blocked.  The case is more on the economical side.

Gumdrop series for iPad Mini

The Gumdrop brand is very synonymous with protection. The cases are known for their durability.

The case in the first appearance has a back looking like a tyre . The case has a material which provides a good grip to the user. The case has removable openings for all the ports. One of the biggest advantages is that the case comes with a screen protector. The case consists of two parts; the inner part with the screen guard is where you place the case which is then placed into an exterior case that provides great drop protection. All in all the case is a great buy.

Speck FitFolio

The Speck FitFolio case for iPad Mini is almost similar to that of its counterpart for the larger iPad. One of its biggest advantages is that the cases are available in a variety of looks. The case is made out of two parts, a hard plastic casing with a cover that extends to the back of the iPad.  This is the art that is covered by the faux pas leather with the impressive design.  The case has all the required openings for the buttons and ports. The case also can be folded to be used as a stand.

Which case do you use on your ipad mini? Do you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

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