Going from $70.94 in April through $194 in May to the end of yet another month – June. Its really a learning experience, trying to make money, spending some and making some more. I was debating on whether to publish my earnings this month since I am supposed to take the focus of making money online from this blog, but for now, I will continue publishing my earnings till I think up of something else.

So what is the current standing of this blog monetarily? The June Earnings, ladies and gentlemen *Drumroll Please* 😆

Adsense: $5.01

Sponsored/Paid Post: $268.85

Content Writing: $104.5

Banner Ads: $30

Gift/Contest Wins: $27.93

Total : 436.29

I purposefully did not calculate the earnings this month, but when I did it I was ➡ 😯

I am getting close to my initial milestone of $500 a month target, now I wish I had tracked my earnings and worked a bit harder I would have touched it for sure! But there is always the next 30 days to work on it.

Adsense revenue was down by a dollar or so, Sponsored Posts now have had a massive jump with the added power of SponsoredReviews.com along with the existing PayPerPost money. Content writing is not upto my expectations, but still good money coming in there. Banner Ads is a new entrant I am using I will soon make a post detailing which company and which site was used to make money with them.

A special shout goes out to Andreas Bard. I won $30 from a contest hosted by him on his blog. Though the contest did not get his expected response, I am sure he must have learnt a lot from the whole experience. I will put this money on the roll soon with my own contest.

As someone said in SpiderMan, with great income comes great expenses. This month I have been looking to expand and get my feet wet with a bunch of new projects which I will be outlining soon. The advertising and buying some cool sites set me back a bit. But I am sure they will perform and give me ROI soon. Will talk about them on another post. I am sure there is a lot more money to be made on the internet, how? Subscribe to my RSS feeds, dig my archives or simply wait till I spoon-feed you about it in the coming days. :-)

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