A lot of people keep asking me advice on how to make money online because they are bored, broke, in college or laid off or married. I usually reply with adsense, affiliate lead generation and product sales in that order. But after they learn all this, they never make money. Why?

  • It requires patience
  • Needs time. An adsense site I make today starts to bring in decent money only after 6 months.
  • Depends on google, depends on your affiliate network, depends on the niche and a lot of other things.
  • Depends.

All the ways in which I make money online today are those that are long term. Creating email subscribers, putting up a niche blog, participating in forums and blog comments under various niche sites are all part of a bigger plan. Not everyone has the time or the investment needed. If you are interested in that, check make money from a blog.

I started online from the basics. Doing dirty jobs like content creation, filling up forms and all that. Coming to think of it, if I had taken that up seriously, I would be making serious money today. But then, I will have to work!

I am as lazy as lazy can be. Ask me to sleep all day, I will.

If you are looking for ways to make a quick buck online and willing to work. Here are a few ideas I can suggest:

  • Create content: Content is the base for all websites online. Articles, forum posts, press releases, sales page content, blog posts, reviews and everything else is content. If you have a basic control over your content, this is the best way to get started. Though competitive, this is what I did when I started off online to buy my own domain, my hosting and the basics. The rates are usually 1$ per 100 words. I have seen people do article packs based on a niche topic too. Anyone can manage 3-5 articles a day of 350 words each, making minimum of 10$ a day.  Also, have a few of those sample content on a blogspot blog for prospective clients.
  • Can you create graphics? : Quick logos, editing pictures, creating header graphics and advertising banners is a skill a lot of people are looking for. Photoshop/Corel Draw and a bit of creativity. (someone defined creativity as a measure of how good you can hide your sources). Take a hint and get started! My logo here at TheAnand is a 5$ one :)
  • Can you edit videos? Did you make your high school “trip down the memory lane” video? You stand a chance to edit videos and have your content seen by millions (youtube). There are a lot of video marketers looking for you out there.
  • Data Entry: Though there are a lot of fruads in the data entry business online for individuals to start with, there are a lot of things you can do to get that first dollar online. Submission or social bookmarking sites, directories, creating gmail accounts (yea, you get paid by people for that) and loads of other stuff.
  • Can you do anything online? Believe it or not, my first dollar online was made by approving websites in a web directory.

There you have it. Ways to get started tonight and make money online. As simple as they can get. I used this and will do it again soon if my guys are free again. This is quick money, all you need is a paypal account. No waiting for cheques, no waiting for traffic/clicks, no fear that your affiliate is stealing your leads. Dead simple money online.

I used Digitalpoint’s Services section to get started, but there are probably tons of other places for these kind of work.

I was supposed to package this as a ebook and sell it, but I had a lot of other things going on and never really got about doing this. The only thing now stopping you is ACTION. Take action and you will see the money. Good luck to your financial independence and awesomeness. :)

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