I have had bad experiences with many companies like most others. But all the while I try to console myself thinking its about the people in the system, not the company itself. But when it becomes once too many, I decide to blog about it! 😉 what better way to let others know?

I hold my salary account with ICICI Bank for the last 8 months in their Kadavanthara Branch, Cochin. This happened sometime in December when I had applied for a DEMAT account with them. I noticed that the correspondence address was in my official address. I sent a request through their phone banking officer for the address change, but he declined to do so saying that my account was not 6 months old. I had no choice but to visit the branch spending half of my hectic day and giving them the required documents and written request.

I thought all was well and fine, but that was not to be. Some days later, I got 2 letters from them delivered at my official address. Here is the copy:


See the old address and the new address. I hear you, Stupid is too light a word to use here, isn’t it? :-!

What happened next was absolutely shocking and disgusting on the part of the ICICI. I phoned up their phone banking officer who raised a complaint on my behalf to the local branch. One of their representatives called me up and enquired details about my complaint and said he will call me back in a few minutes. Then another lady calls up and says that the bank has not received any request for my account. This was simply stupid, if there was no request placed, why did I get the letter above. She tried her best to convince me that there was no request received for address change. This question shut her and other 2 representatives who called later up.

Okie, if I did not make a request for change of address, why did you send me a letter stating so?

For me, the matter would have ended peacefully had they accepted their mistake as clerical error or some other better excuse and did the address change without further talk. Instead they wanted me to spend another half day at their branch wasting my time for their stupidity. What did they think? Are their customers jobless?

Every company has its share of stupid employees due to lack of skilled executives in the country, I understand. But a company full of them? Gimme a break!

I said “once too many”, another example is in the making with them right now which will be complete by the weekend or so. Will post the details then. Has anyone else experienced the same level of super service?

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