Personally, I think Press Releases for Backlinks have been manipulated to no end by smart webmasters and those looking to build a buzz around their product. If you can take some time off and craft a good press release, I am sure it can get listed in major news aggregators and even high end News sites like Google News and Yahoo! News.

Google News syndication is definitely the icing on the cake as it will bypass the normal listings on Google for your keyword. My personal list of press release websites I use for my submission needs can be found here and here. The time spent on this activity involves the time spent on writing the article and the time spent on submitting to the lists out there.

So good luck link building!


Welcome to Day 2 of Easy Link Building! I am planning to cover 5 popular and insanely easy ways of building backlinks to your site in this 5 day post series. So kids, we are going to lesson 2, Day 2!All the lessons will be updated centrally on pilot post of easy link building here.

Social Bookmarking is a ongoing process. There are a lot of social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Jumptags, Digg and others which help you get backlinks to your site as well as some good traffic if you submit them to the right categories and participate in the community. This method explained here is also a sureshot way of getting banned from certain social bookmarking site if you are selfish enough not to participate in the community but want all the link love.

You can submit all your pages or those pages which you need backlinks for to various social bookmarking sites which have dofollow backlinks (though I don’t believe in their relevance anymore.) to them.

This is really a no-brainer. Social Networks and Social web 2.0 sites get the bulk of the online traffic these days. Being on the right network with the right group of friends is very important if your site has a long term potential/goals.

Being the “why-reinvent-the-wheel” (read:lazy) guy that I am, this weeks resource list can be found at Caroline Middlebrook who has this wonderful list of social bookmarking sites to spam submit on.

If you are looking to make this a part of your daily activity online, you might want to checkout this list of 10 awesome addons for firefox for Social Media.

So thats about it on social bookmarking and linkbuilding. Until tomorrow, the court/school is adjourned! You might want to subscribe to my updates on email alerts or on RSS readers to keep yourself updated on this series.

This is my resource list for Day 1 of easy link building. Here are my personal list of top 10 article directories I submit to. Do make sure that you submit different articles to each of these directories to maximize your link juices!

ezine Site: EzineArticles
This is a very impressive site with massive numbers of authors and articles. I use this very often on the lines of a wikipedia to know about a particular niche.
goarticles GoArticles
articlebase ArticlesBase
articlesdashboard ArticleDashboard
articlecity ArticleCity
amazines Amazines
articlealley ArticleAlley
articlebiz ArticleBiz
articlecube ArticleCube
searchwrap SearchWrap

Yea, you have probably heard of this a million times. If not, welcome to the new method of linkbuilding the easy way. Article Marketing is all about putting up your articles on popular article directories which have high authority on Google. In return, you get to put in your link on the bottom of your post and hence drive visitors to your site.

Though there are a lot of softwares that claim to automate this process for you, I am yet to come across a solution that actually works well. The process itself can be summarized as

  • Write Article on your niche
  • Submit to an Article directory.
  • Goto step 1

If you can get creative and liberal with your copy-writing skills, you can learn and implement a concept like AIDA or MAGIC into your article marketing strategy.

I just finished writing 3 articles for a niche site of mine and submitted them to EzineArticles and Goarticles. They are some of the most popular article directories out there, but you can also submit to others like ArticleBase, Amazines, ArticleDashboard and others. I will put up a list of popular Article Directories you can use to submit your articles to.

Link-building though boring, is a important activity that many webmasters ignore due to the work that goes into it. If you are one of them, Take action and reap the benefits!


This week I am in mood for some link building! Anyone remotely interested getting more traffic to their website will be interested in knowing the various options to build links to your sites. After some hours spent on my mindmap on building links, I plan to tell you the various avenues to build links to your websites the easy way and get traffic to your website.

I plan to cover this mini-series in the next 5 days unless something else comes into my already hectic schedule at my startup.

What is Link building?

Link building is pretty much 70% of offpage SEO and stuff you do to get links to your site from other sites.


Search Engine Optimization! Gosh, were you under the rock? Or is this your first day on the internet? SEO is a series of activities you do to make your site more attractive to search engines*cough*human beings. You know, things like making your headings big and putting in keyword specific content on your site and the like? More interested in SEO? Hop on to my Free Search Engine Optimization Tips page and get some!

Ok, cool, so, What do I do?

I am planning to cover a few popular methods of linkbuilding already used by many webmasters. This post is like a documentation of the link building activities I do on most of my sites and this series of posts is a way to keep me going. (yea, its kinda boring!)

You can take your own site and join in with my tour of the wonderful world of link juices and get your website some valuable backlinks. To keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to TheAnand on RSS or get posts by email.

Boring? Is it easy for the average Joe/Michelle?

Yup! You may have to do some content development. But hey, if you know to write articles in 15 minutes, it shouldn’t be tough eh? I plan to spend around an hour a day on this process myself and spend another hour putting up a post about it.

Awesome, When do we start?

Tomorrow! Before you get started, make sure your site is optimized for the right keywords and you are good to go. Stay tuned for 5 days of link building frenzy


Following are the posts from this series.

Day 1 – Article Marketing for Backlinks. Resource for Day 1 – List of Article Marketing Directories.

Day 2 – Social Bookmarking: Day 2 of Easy Link Building.

Day 3 – Press Release: Day 3 of Easy Link Building.

Day 4 – Web2.0 Backlinks: Day 4 of Easy Link Building.

Day 5 – Directory Submissions – Day 5 of Easy Link Building.

“Recommendation Marketing” is a buzzword that has been on my mind for sometime now. I don’t really remember where I got it from but it makes so much sense in terms of ROI in Social Media. Check this sample search on Twitter:


If you do a custom search based on your product/service, you will most probably find a bunch of “credit-card on hand” , “will buy now” and “help me purchase” hot leads on these Web 2.0 3.0? (or 3.5??) properties.

Wish you were there now?? Get your business a Social Media consultant 😉


If you are a Social Media Consultant in a country like mine, you would have probably heard this one a lot.

What is the ROI I can expect from this campaign?

Will having a Facebook community help my business?

This post is in a lot of ways the expression of my inner feelings to my wannabe clients and would-have-been clients about the ROI in Social Media.

If you are someone who already has a business, you might have gone to a lot of meetings and conferences where literlly nothing was discussed. You had a secret agenda, you wanted to meet people, tell them about your company and keep your face alive in their minds so that the first things that comes into their mind when they think about your business will be your smiling face.

It is pretty much the same thing you do online with your business. According to recent statistics by some reputed agencies peg that 4% of the Indian population is online. Doesn’t make sense to sell to just 4% eh? Imagine being the first person to sell Aspirin. How easy was his job? He just had to go out there and say “Headache? Here we have this…” and the deal was probably closed. These days is selling a particular brand of Aspirin easy?

By the time you wait for the market to mature and for the mass population to get online. Guess what? You missed the train. You will be this person who came out of the closet in 2009 and said “Hey, I found this thing which can keep your food items cool. . . .

Social Media is as simple as it gets. In a perfect world, it would be something like this:

  • Listen
  • Engage

And Social Media Marketing ROI….well, how do you judge ROI from a casual conversation over tea with someone? I plan to cover some more topics of Social Media and ROI in my upcoming posts to not only increase awareness amongst offline businesses but also to give myself a vent from being not able to engage in such long conversations offline :)