I have not been very successful with affliate programs in the web world, so I recently took up a affliate agency program with a bank here who pay per sale. I know it sounds pretty cheapass, but every penny of money counts and the way I am planning to make money is a mixture of online and offline marketing for the product. I am not really willing to let you know what the thing is, but its a banking product, but not insurance.

It payouts about 14$ per signup by a client and then another 14$ as he starts using the product. His expense is about 20$ a year. I found it easy to sell it since I am using it myself, and that most of my competitors on field as less than half competent than me and are far less likely to close a sale like me 😉 Not trying to be arrogant or anything, I think I have a small jackpot of easy money, not much, but just about enough to buy a Nokia or a Cannon soon 😀

Get in touch with me on Yahoo! to know what the fuss is all about! Me still in Mookambika, and these posts are timestamped…Oh God, I love this feature!

Millionaire? Not Exactly Last week I got my first Adsense Check from Google. Nothing else for a better New Year Gift! Hope I keep getting these every month!

How much was it?

The check was a huge princely amount of 127$! Yep, I have not left out any zeros on either side intentionally or otherwise!

First Adsense Check in Cochin for Anand ;)


Yep, right again. This is my first check from Google ever ever ever! I have been online for more than 7 years now, blogging for about 16 months now and this is my first check? YES! Thats the best part, I just learned the hard way that pennies and cents do addup to a nice amount. 😉

What took me so long?

My real money making life online started when I started this blog. Before that I was only a casual surfer of the web, a bystander. Still when I jumped into the money making bandwagon with making money online niche, I did not realize the mistake until recently. Webbies do not click on Ads! Nope, they really don’t! Its been ages since I even remember seeing a Google Ad.

How long was it anyways?

Age of My Adsense Account

Quite a loong time to earn 100$, anyone would say! But patience proved itself and I am here with a earnings for 127$ for my first check. I know I sound stupid trying to glorify my small earnings, but its not my intention. Only intention being that to inspire other smaller bloggers like me who are fed up seeing 0.00 all day through the week. Its a difficult start and your first check is the toughest to reach, take my word for it if you a beginner to making money online 😉 But hey, it paid for my hosting for a whole year!

Since ShoeMoney(read this blog tmro 😉 ) will be attending the BarCamp Kerala, I might as well ask him for a few tips.

One of my resolutions for the New Year was to connect with more techies and webbies offline and hence have a pool of contacts I can always count on to have a drink or a watch a movie together or maybe simply ask about their adsense earnings for the week ;). Orkut was my first stop to find some people offline at my place Cochin. I found a few really interesting people and got in touch with them. It was really great to meet up with them, a bunch of techies who are warm and made me regret I had not taken this decision earlier :). No dollars ever earned gave me the feeling of happiness when people recognize your site and appreciate it. You need to feel it to actually understand what I am trying to say.

I found that Kenny, is in the process of organizing a second BarCamp in Cochin for Kerala after successfully completing the first one in Trivandrum. Whats a BarCamp? The concept of BarCamps are not really known to many including me. Hell, I first heard about the word from Kenny! From what I found online a BarCamp is

BarCamp is an international network of unconferences — open, participatory workshop-events, whose content is provided by participant….

So, a BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. Basicaly a place for people to get together and have some fun. The idea was fun and I am definitely going there to meetup with a lot of new and interesting people. One person I am definitely looking forward to meet from the list of attendees is Mani Kartick. I remember enjoying his articles on BloggingTips, too bad I did not know we were from the same place!

So, if you are a Web Enthusiast or a self-proclaimed and proud Computer Geek from Cochin or nearby, make sure you drop by the meetup. I am sure its going to be fun from what I read about it. Add your name to the BarCamp Kerala Wiki and feel free to share your thoughts by taking up a session.

Will keep you guys(and girls ?) updated as things shape up. Tomorrow I am leaving to Mookambika Temple for some 3 days, but I have some cool posts coming up including one about Shoemoney visiting the Cochin BarCamp. Stay Tuned and subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven’t yet 😉

Yesterday night at about approx 2100 hrs IST I realized why Eve tasted the forbidden Apple after all! Why? How? What and all those answers coming right up! I reached back in Cochin yesterday night after visiting my School – Rani Public School in Vadakara, Calicut. I finally had to chance to collect some important documents after 3 years of passing out.


So, whats this got to do with Eve and the forbidden Apple? Cochin to Vadakara is about 250 Kms or 155 miles. I was told that the riding my bike all the way totally stupid according to most of my friends considering the state of roads in Kerala. Here is what I travelled the distance in:

This is the bike that did more than 600 Kilometres in 3 days!

Just a normal bike with a 115cc engine. By no means a super bike or even close to a normal bike. It just runs, and thats all it does! Friends told me that going this long a distance was sheer stupidity on my part, its risky, straining and everything else. The more they told me, more I wanted to do it. So finally after a week of planning, I executed the plan and came back successfully. So, now I know why Eve was tempted to eat the Apple!

So what have I learned after 647 Kms of travel on a bike?

  • Riding a bike over long distance is stupid, uncomfortable and pointless!
  • Bikes are primarily meant for point A to point B inside the city.
  • Anything is possible!

And all the while I was driving it, I felt like Harry Potter on his broomstick trying to play some Quidditch. But I must really talk about the road from Cochin to Calicut through NH-17. It was totally smooth and good enough to ride and definitly better than the NH-47. My only complaint being that it could have been a 4-lane 😉 But I guess thats asking for too much 😀

But, soon in another day or two, I will be gone to Mookambika and Kollur to visit some temples there and to help my aunt with some rituals. Now to solve the next important problem 😀 :

OMG, loads to do!

Hopefully, be back to normal blogging in a few weeks I think!

Usually the New Year for me meant getting drunk and partying out on the roads with friends doing things that are usually illegal and totally stupid. 😉 This year I chose to do something different and try slide into the new year than try to run head on into it with a bottle of Vodka!

A lot of people who have spent the last week of a year in Cochin will agree with me that it is the best place to have a smashing Christmas and a New Year. I know a lot of people who want to have some real fun (legal and illegal 😉 ) come from places like Banglore and other South Indian cities.

Talking about spoilsports, the new channels flashed about the various riots and mischief-mongers who destroyed the festive mood misbehaving with the public. In Mumbai a mob of 40-70 men groped 2 women after they left the hotel in the wee hours of January 1. Whereas in Cochin, in the Fort Kochi Beach area, a Swedish teenager was mishandled by some drunken idiots. On the other note, some 400+ caseswere registered on the New Years eve for drunken driving, another record right there.

Not trying to be pessimistic or anything while everyone is trying to talk about the better things happening around the New Year. But these kind of happenings have to stop if we are to project Kochi as a Tourist Destination. The Swedish family going back to their home country are not really going to advice their friends to drop by Kerala the next time for sure. :(

This post is just for those people who want to try to make Cochin a better place, for the others, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 😉

Its the holiday week, I expect the traffic to dip on almost all the blogs and online shopping and even offline shopping to pick as CNN reports that a chunk of US citizens are not done with the X’Mas shopping yet!

And as for this blog and me, I might get back to regular blogging if I can call it regular in any way possible this weekend or so once I am through with the exams on the 29th. So far its pretty good except for the mathematics which I am hopeless with the only consolation of “Better Luck next time!”. The others were much to my surprise pretty easy. Now all I hope is that the examiner does not correct my papers thinking about his ex-girlfriend who ruined his life!

Merry Christmas and I might hopefully be back again to wish you a new year later in the week! Thats a good idea for a post…. “In the dawn of a new year…” hmm, blogging a inspiration for more blogging? :)

Have a blast people, not literally though.

King Nomar, my good Internet friend and my first Internet money making friend went low profile after he sold his blog. I am sure he must have got some nice change since it was bought by iEntry. The very same iEntry who bought CashQuests for $15,000 (I think) recently and are in the perfect process of killing it. They have not even approved my comments on that blog yet. I sometimes feel sorry for these blogs which are rarely updated by the new owners and end up in a slow death.

More on that later. But King Nomar is currently working a whole lot of new projects and stuff ambitiously and the latest being a free web hosting site. Unlike many of the free hosts like Geocities or others who have ads on 3/4th of the page, InsaneGB has chosen the ad free route and left me wondering why the hell anyone would want to throw away all these features:

  • 5GB of Free Space.
  • 20GB of Bandwidth.
  • UNLIMITED MySQL, Addon domains and FTP accounts
  • No forced ads or other hidden costs.

Well, I guess the King is feeling generous at the moment to throw away great space and bandwidth for totally free. 😀 Anyways, I just signed up for my space on this free web host. I tried running a few php scripts like joomla, guest books and some private php scripts I own. I must say it works like a charm, quick and responsive.

Great Support

Nomar is a guy who is online all the time, also he has a team behind it to help you out with all your queries ASAP. And besides that, he is a great friend for you to depend on anytime of the day.

All in all, InsaneGB is a great company if you are looking for move from a free host with cpanel. On a closer look, I find that Nomar has 9MB and now a InsaneGB. Whats with MBs and GBs, pal? :)