Being the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ayruz web holdings for the past year and a half has made me realize a lot of things. Amongst those is the realization that digital or Internet Marketing is only catching up in India when compared to United States or Europe. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing is a relatively a new medium that has cropped up and many of our clients need extensive education to persuade them to invest in this new medium for advertising and optimization.

Recently we were looking to hire a Search Engine Optimization specialist for our firm to manage the work and partially to take load off from my shoulders. It was hard work to find a good guy for the job!

Search Engine Optimization, which is the work done to optimize websites to attain top rankings for keywords which are searched by potential buyers/visitors. We usually optimize for Google and Bing  – because Google is the market leader and Bing is default search engine on thousands of Internet Explorers out there!

SEO as a industry is scaling new heights everyday and being on the forefront of that run, I cannot stress enough on how important a career SEO will be in the next few months or years. Unfortunately, there is not a formal degree which deals with this subject in colleges and schools. If you want to pursue a career in SEO, you are better off dropping out of college or taking up a bachelors in Computers or English both of which are required for a successful SEO specialist.

SEO Payscale

In some of the job portals I checked through, the base salary for a SEO guy is usually about $30,000 USD a year who will usually be the link builder, copywriter, SEO Researcher or a client relations manager.

With a bit more if experience, the salary levels shoot up to $ 50,000 USD a year and your experience gets more in-depth, some companies even offer a $ 100,000 USD + levels of salaries which would mean that you would head a team of SEO specialists, devising strategies and managing campaigns.

These are extreme salaries considering that the education requirements of a SEO consultant is pretty lax. Why? They do not teach you these stuff in school! So you have a career in great demand which requires you to be self-made. .  that is something I would kill for! (which is the reason I am an SEO consultant too! 😉 )

How to learn SEO

Dropout of college if you are really into SEO, that place can teach you nothing! Trust me. :) Next, since there is no formal “School Of SEO”, subscribe to some of the top bloggers in the SEO industry and read every post in their archives over and again till you get a whole lot of conflicting advice.

Then  either get yourself a bunch of domains and optimize them for some keywords using different strategies for different domains. If you find this a bit too hard, join up as an intern in some SEO company near you for peanuts and learn from them! They will usually have standard processes, client websites to optimize for.

Practice. Read. Experiment. – Three words that will help you get to those six figure incomes in the coming years.Though the SEO industry is still in its infancy in India, I am willing to bet all my horses that this will soon be the golden career for everyone out there. Start early,  climb up to the top of the wave. :)

Are you someone interested in SEO? Hit me up and I can help you get a base up or even offer you an internship at ayruz. We need some good guys to train!

Ah, technology. It is a constant source of fun for me. But a lot of this stuff has real uses; here’s a look at some tech trends that are going to change the way lots of businesses operate.

Phone Conferences

Conference calls have been around forever, but businesses are definitely starting to use them more as a cost saving measure. This makes a lot of sense as it limits travel and lets me do my meetings from wherever I like. I do my teleconferencing with Powwownow which I can use on the go with their iPhone App. Look for more businesses to give up on travelling for meetings and start using teleconferencing instead.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another technology that is on the ups with businesses. Once again it seems like nothing new to me, but big companies adopting it is an interesting development. Cloud computing lets users access applications and databases from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection – this is great for efficiency and lowers costs. Major corporations are starting to get into the act, a process which should only speed up as big players like Microsoft start releasing their own cloud computing systems.

It will be interesting to see how businesses respond to this in terms of work habits. Cloud computing allows people to work efficiently from home. So is this the end of the traditional office? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see how this affects people’s work patterns.


I read recently that Maxim Integrated Products, a computer chip maker, replaced phone lines with Skype accounts and headsets for every employee; they reported a yearly savings of over $90,000! I expect that lots of companies will follow suit and begin replacing regular phones with Skype, or Skype-esque VoIP systems. They’ll do so without losing any functionality as new systems will be able to incorporate existing features like conference calling, call waiting and voice messages. Change might be a bit slow as many companies are tied to their phones, but with big savings to be had I’m sure it will happen eventually.

So what do you think? What’s the next best thing in business technology?

If you did not know what “Procrastination” is, this is a video which will show you just that! Check out how Lev gets his stuff done

When I watched this, I was immediatly able to relate to some of those days in my life! What about you?

The truth is I have no idea how many domains I own any more. I have pretty much every domain set on auto renew and those include domains from my personal network, the ayruz network and the rest are mostly domains for friends and family.

When I registered this domain of mine –, I registered which is my dads chartered accountancy firm. It has been with my server and my own registrar since day 1. My dads firm got an letter the other day from BombayBiz India Private Limited, some company based out of Andheri, India asking for money to renew the domain and hosting for the domains when it expires this December.

I got confused for a second. It seems to be some of invoice for the services rendered by them for the domain. My dads firm who handles this gave me call asking me for more information. I was perplexed again as I usually renew the domain every year myself and have never billed them for anything.

Upon sending this to my registrar, I got the reply that this might be spam. So, a heads up for you guys out there who get a mail in your letterbox that BombayBiz wants money for something they want to do in the form of a legitimate looking invoice, it is SPAM. You can safely toss that letter into your favourite papper shredder and continue with your life.

I am outraged at their guts to try something as corny as this to make money off the hosting business. Get your ethics right BombayBiz hosting.

Its a proud moment. Kerala, my home state is getting its own international ad campaign titled – “Your moment is waiting”. The movie was premiered today at Saatchi Art Gallery in London, United Kingdom with many celebrities like Jimi Mistry, Rankin, Pearl Lowe, Lisa Snowdon,Jamila Massey, Jade Jagger and many many others.

Kerala Tourism’s international campaign, Your Moment Is Waiting is a film that goes far beyond the realm of a commercial, to capture the soul of Kerala like no destination hitherto has. Stark Communications, which has been handling the Kerala Tourism brand for almost two decades, conceived, scripted and then assigned the task of creating this film to the renowned ad film maker Prakash Varma.

View the complete video here:

So, what do you think about the ad campaign? Planning a visit to Kerala soon? :)

Written in one of those moments when I thought – “This is definitely going in my blog!”.

Brilliant man the person was…the person above – Mr. Albert Einstein.

The theory of relativity is something I always found fascinating. It is deep when you think about it in your life. It is used by everyone when every they are expressing something.

I very recently got introduced to a person via a common friend as a “Successful Entrepreneur”. I was flattered obviously, but beyond that I was thinking about relativity at that point. This person who has introduced me is not an entrepreneur and does not know even the specifics of my business, but he considered me successful (flattery or real).

But when I ask myself, am I successful? I think not. Why? Because I like to compare myself with entrepreneurs like the Ambanis, the Tatas or even Mr. Gates! They are successful in my eyes.

The same goes with pretty much everything you talk about. Everything big, small, fast or slow is relative to something or someone which the person talking about it has previously experienced or seen.

When someone says Life is hard, I am tempted to ask “Compared to what?” –  Unknown


Next time, someone says something is easy or difficult, understand what they are comparing it to to get a better clarity of stuff!

BarCampKerala is special for me. I found the other founders of ayruz through barcamp 2 and almost 90% of our core team members were found during various barcamps from colleges.

BarCamp Kerala is an ad-hoc gathering rooted in the desire to share and learn in an open & friendly environment. It is an intense yet cool, event with discussions, demos, and strong interactions. The 9th edition of BarCamp Kerala (BCK9), will be held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus at Karunagapally on 14th November 2010.

BarCamps in Kerala are unconferences as barcamps are across the world. You get to interrupt the speakers, walk out of the hall if you find the session boring and everything else which is usually unethical in conferences. (But please keep your mobile phones in vibration which is general courtesy in any meeting! 😉 )

In BarcampKerala 9, the sessions page already looks promising with sessions in Internet Marketing, Silverlight and many other tech related topics. This list will increase as more and more people come to know about the event in the coming days.

If you are a techie in South India, this is perhaps your must visit tech event in Kerala where you can meet some of the top serial entrepreneurs, first time entrepreneurs, web programmers, designers, freelancers and students. Plus, yours truly me will be around to network with fellow minds and make new friends. So say hi! Register here