The start of this month was not on a very good note financially. My Paypal account got limited access-fied and I have been trying to get it fixed for more than a week now. Forums and blogs suggested that limited access is something which is difficult to resolve and its best to forget about the paypal account after it has been limited.

But I was bent on getting this resolved as it was no fault of mine and they had even charge-backed my recent transaction to renew my hosting. After numerours phone calls to USA in the middle of the night and talking to people who do not even understand each others accent, I was able to get the thing resolved and limited access was lifted!

When in trouble with paypal, forget posting in forums asking for help as it is difficult to get the right advice. Email paypal directly if you are sure that the mistake is not on your side and remember the manners your mom taught you. It goes a long way in getting it resolved. They wanted proof of documentation, for which I uploaded my recent credit card statement, my bank account statement and my PAN card scanned. My limited access was removed in less than 12 hours of doing this. So, in case you are stuck with limited access, just read the paypal help and do as they say. It is scary to have your paypal limited and not be able to pay for hosting, domain renewal and other essential stuff online. Have you been stuck with this trouble before?

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