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This is my resource list for Day 1 of easy link building. Here are my personal list of top 10 article directories I submit to. Do make sure that you submit different articles to each of these directories to maximize your link juices! Site: EzineArticles This is a very impressive site with massive numbers of […]

Yea, you have probably heard of this a million times. If not, welcome to the new method of linkbuilding the easy way. Article Marketing is all about putting up your articles on popular article directories which have high authority on Google. In return, you get to put in your link on the bottom of your […]

Internet copywriting is different from traditional copywriting for many reasons. I recently remembered a highlight about my trip to Manipal University where I was able to interact with Mr. Raviraj, who is a Journalism professor there. It was interesting to know from him that he is trying to train his students on writing for the […]

So, how do I do it?For one, I am always mentally prepared to write content for my blogs as I know my niches well and I get ideas for posts mostly in the shower or in a place where I have no internet access. I use my mobile to jot in content ideas and sync […]

Though this has been around for sometime, not many people look at it as a way to promote their site. Finally after a bit of debate, I decided to do a bit of article marketing myself for Shymz. So, what is this Article Marketing? Article marketing is a type of advertising by writing short articles […]