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Finally I did it! I am now a proud owner of a Dell XPS M1330 which has a 3G internet connectivity and a GPS too! I was initially not able to get the GPS working and finally after a bit more of tinkering with the wires, it has finally managed to lock in on satellites. […]

This post is pretty late considering the fact that the the laptop came home on July 4th 2008. I was pretty much locked on to the DELL when I wanted to choose a laptop and the only problem was choosing the model I wanted. With the help of their Sales dudes, I zeroed in to […]

For the past month, I finally accepted the fact that I need a laptop. My aversion to laptops started from the day I first saw it, a black and white screen with DOS installed. Since then, I always thought laptops were below desktops in terms of power and ergonomics. But now, I am faced with […]