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I think I just got over the writers block last week and I think I have some 10 posts in future timestamp for this month already. I have not been posting regularly since the start of last month. But all that is set to change this month. I am planning on some really solid posts […]

Yea, I want to give you a chance to redesign that blog of yours with a spanking new design and give a breath of fresh air to your blog. The design will be as per your tastes and inputs. For a example of the wordpress magic I can do, check up the design of this […]

The contest finally came to an end last week and I am putting up the winners and their winnings here. If you have been selected as one, get in touch at Yahoo! or Gtalk IM or use the contact form to claim the same. First, here are the participants. John Shypy Aravind Sreehari Tito Haroon […]

Today I am in a mood of giving something back to the community. Today, I am celebrating the birthday of someone special with you my readers! For all you out there this is a small contest where you can win a few stuff and wish Happy Birthday to someone very special. What is on the […]

The blog is finally up and running. I was having a hectic time tweaking the plugins and design to get that perfect look that I missed the posting for a few days. 😀 Presenting, TheAnand 2008! Also, I will be putting up my old theme for public download soon since some people seemed to like […]

As TheAnand.com matures with time, I think its time for a redesign again. Initially this blog used a free theme, then I got around making 2 custom themes myself and now I am in the process of getting a professional theme done. As per the team behind the redesign, it should be up in another […]

StumbleCult the upcoming stumble helper for webmasters is now going strong and registrations are coming by the day. To celebrate the popularity, we are now giving away free credits to everyone, this excludes the free 10 credits you already get when you signup! The only requirement in order to win the credits is to blog […]