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Usually advice and technology news blogs are galore all over the internet but its difficult to get a name for yourself in this niche. The market is usually lead by the biggies like TechCrunch or Gizmodo or others. But then, I do not subscribe to these sites, mainly cuz they have at least 10-30 posts […]

The N-Gage QD has been the first phone in my life. I have been a faithful user of the N-gage QD since I bought it in last Feb. ’06. I bought it after reviewing almost half a dozen phones in the market. It had almost everything I needed like a Symbian OS, MMC Support, Truetones, […]

Nokia seems to be in a serious mood to compete in the hand-held gaming market with Nintendo and Sony. The initial try with the N-Gage was almost a complete failure, it was a piece of “junk” as many called it. Though the first N-Gage sold far less than what the company expected, there was loads […]