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I have been terribly busy the past month looking at ways to increase my revenue and presence online. Also I am a bit pissed off by the pending page rank. As a webmaster or as a money seeker online, you must know the importance of page rank. It is what determines your ceiling to make […]

If you remember, I had made a post about adsense earnings a few days back in which I said your site must well, suc to make money with Adsense. This month, I am happy to report that my site now sucs more than 100% than last month! Well, the best part is I am happy […]

I usually take some time off to optimize my sites once in a while. I always thought that Search Engine Traffic is the best traffic for a blog. Since this traffic is highly targeted and they reach your blog looking for something specific and they are more likely to click on your contextual ads since […]

This seems to be hitting the web recently. Search engines are biasing their results, especially Google is manipulating its own results to get more attention to its own products. I had this doubt since ages, but never gave it much of a second thought. It is only logical that Google will do this to get […]

💡 Well, its time! Seriously. I think its time we call internet as Google, considering the amount of influence they have on internet and its users now. With the acquisition of Feedburner last week, Google has totally taken close to full control over how we receive information to our computer. The search, the emails, the […]

I just noticed. The all new fresh and cool Yahoo! Web Messenger.I never really used it except for a few times some years back. I was a faithful user of Trillian, then switched to MSN Messenger when the inter-chat between Yahoo! and MSN was announced, mainly cause I was lazy to download the Yahoo! Messenger […]

I first this term from John Chow’s blog. I first thought it was some really nice sounding tagline for his blog. But as I found out from John Chow’s blog. I really have to see how far am I from reaching the dotcom mogul status. To be considered a Dot Com Mogul you must meet […]