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Being the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ayruz web holdings for the past year and a half has made me realize a lot of things. Amongst those is the realization that digital or Internet Marketing is only catching up in India when compared to United States or Europe. Social Media and Search Engine Marketing […]

“Recommendation Marketing” is a buzzword that has been on my mind for sometime now. I don’t really remember where I got it from but it makes so much sense in terms of ROI in Social Media. Check this sample search on Twitter: If you do a custom search based on your product/service, you will most […]

This is a very absurd. Google seems to be very aggressive or is stuck in its cashflow that it is approaching clients directly for managing their PPC campaigns at pretty much no expense at all. I was kinda confused to learn that one of our clients was approached by Google themselves to manage their PPC […]

A question posed to me by one of my chat mates. To answer that question, you need to know the chat we had before the question. He: Hi Anand Me: Hi He: So, what do you do? Me: I am into Internet Marketing He: So, you are a liar? Reminded me of the popular book […]

My startup was recently approached by another small business with a very energetic man on top. They wanted to know how they manage their brand online as a company. We decided to go with the Personal Branding route as their CEO was a known personality with the number of conferences he had been to and […]

Traditionally, when advertising and marketing was considered, we did not have much of a choice. Newspapers, Television ads and radio ads and our age old bill boards were the only options, of course after our very own ancient dhol beating announcer dude. Problem was, me being online for more than half my life now never […]

A recent survey of the internet marketing execs of USA about the usage of social media in their companies interested me. Most of these companies trying to increase their social media presence are not exactly trying to increase their brand awareness as I initially thought, they are trying to make life easier for their clients […]