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The title should not really be what blogging bought me, its more like what my online activity bought me. But then, blogging got me introduced to making money online, then to macro sites, niche sites and all that. I never really invested anything I made online back into the business expect for buying new domains […]

Using the last weekend for optimizing blog a little bit more, I decided to install some nice plugins and useful tweaks to make the blog more easier to share and use. Here is what I did this weekend. One thing I learnt was that with the mistylook theme that I am using on this blog, […]

The N-Gage QD has been the first phone in my life. I have been a faithful user of the N-gage QD since I bought it in last Feb. ’06. I bought it after reviewing almost half a dozen phones in the market. It had almost everything I needed like a Symbian OS, MMC Support, Truetones, […]

Nokia seems to be in a serious mood to compete in the hand-held gaming market with Nintendo and Sony. The initial try with the N-Gage was almost a complete failure, it was a piece of “junk” as many called it. Though the first N-Gage sold far less than what the company expected, there was loads […]

5.2 lakhs or half a million is the number of SMSes sent by a Indian on his quest to enter into the Guinness Books. Sounds crazy? It sure did to me! That is some way to spend a whole month. The guy – Deepak Sharma. The Operator – Airtel. The Phone – Nokia 6600. It […]