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When you are an entrepreneur, you rely on yourself to get the job done but you also rely on others for good advice. You cannot always get to the phone to call your business associates and the financial advice you need is not always on television. That is why it is good to know the […]

A question on LinkedIn Group Young Indian Entrepreneurs asks: If you were to pick one trait of a successful entrepreneur what would it be? What is the most essential quality one should have to be an entrepreneur. Passion, Self confidence, Risk taking ability, Visonary etc. etc. But if you have to pick up one trait […]

My cousin and I were trying to figure out ways to escape/reduce the problem of recession. Every person I have been talking to have worries over recession and especially those in IT related services. They are a worried lot, with huge housing loans over their heads, with their net worth in the marriage market falling. […]

I was too busy looking at the footer of CNBC TV18 for the past week and finally have decided that buying websites is a way better investment than trying to make money in the stock market! This is a screenshot of my current holdings Though I was able to make some money over the last […]

I had been talking about getting into affiliate marketing for sometime now and one of the main hurdles I faced about 6 months back was that TheAnand was my biggest site and the blog brought in bulk of the traffic. I tried applying for a few affiliate programs and most of them rejected me since […]

My personal life has always been outside this blog since I started this blog. I wanted this blog to be one good read than to be adding to the noise on the blogosphere. These days I am battling the demons within with a whole lot of drama all over making me miss all my deadlines […]

You never get rich working for someone else. A typical day jobbers’ life goes something like this Wake Up Go to Work Pay Bills GOTO Step 1 A very few do save a lot of money only to spend it in an emergency. So a lot of people, particularly youngsters want to make money online […]