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Stray dogs need to be protected, for the better of poor bike riders like me. You should probably know by now that I am not a biker as such. Bikes for me are just point A to B transport hardware. Yesterday me and my friend were going out shopping small time when a stupid stray […]

Earlier I had written about the war against mosquitoes. As I said, the mosquitoes have grown immune to the mp3 mosquito irritate-tor also! But since the life must go on and on, humans have devised more methods to get rid of these irritating pests. One of the methods that is getting increasingly popular here is […]

It is hell. My city – Cochin, also called the commercial capital of Kerala, is fast becoming the capital for advanced breeding of mosquitoes. These things are smart as far as I can see, they have survived the worst of human attempts to eradicate them, growing immune to most repellents. There is no such thing […]