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Its a creative world outside!!! I know Joseph Thomas as a blogger and met him through the BlogCamp Kerala in August. What really caught my attention was a recent newspaper article about him in a national newspaper. He is the founder of Blogswara, which is a interesting mix of audio-blogging. What is blogswara? Blogswara is […]

Music does wonders to all of us. But can it help in boosting our productivity? I had sometime back stumbled upon on some article where the author said that jazz is the best companion for the freelance writer. Unfortunately I did not note the URL or the specifics of the article. But since the start […]

Its been quite a while since Kerala got its private radio stations and Cochin is the last city to join the party. I never thought radio was boring since its quite an engaging thing while driving or while just taking a rest at the couch. I usually tune into the All India Radio once in […]

This weeks video is about Vampire Weekend, a band. What got me attracted to this video was its really cool video and music. Seems more like a kindergarten rhyme to me. Worth listening to about 5 times, then simple close the window and move on They seem to have a lot of other videos too. […]