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I do not have words (being a blogger, its ironic!), but am really really thankful to each of you 2500 subscribers of my Blog. Its an emotional feeling to have been blogging for about 4 years now and being able to make a ton of friends online and meeting up offline through barcamps, blogcamps and […]

Sorry to dissapoint, but I am not dead! Initially it was all the work that kept me busy, then I got angry, sad, frustrated and everything else. Guess all the feelings I have been supressing for sometime now just had to surface. So, I spent the last month or so looking for answers, finding out […]

2008 was very eventful both in terms of personal life and in professional life. 12 months of rocking events which not only included memorable and historical events like organizing one of India’s biggest BlogCamp in Kerala and getting to meetup with some of the best personalities online and to more sobre ones like getting dumped, […]

My personal life has always been outside this blog since I started this blog. I wanted this blog to be one good read than to be adding to the noise on the blogosphere. These days I am battling the demons within with a whole lot of drama all over making me miss all my deadlines […]