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Sometimes, it becomes necessary to run a PHP code in your wordpress posts or pages to display a plugin output or for other reasons to make use of wordpress as a powerful CMS. There are virtually countless plugins which allow you to run PHP in wordpress. “WordPress PHP exec” is a plugin that lets you […]

It is really simple to create the style of theme you want with wordpress that you can do a wordpress magazine style homepage and theme like my homepage with almost no expertise in wordpress theming! Until recently my hompage was a php page with only page! I did not really bother with converting my homepage […]

Last week I was again struggling with server issues and downtimes on all my sites which made me look at ways to reduce the load on my poor server. I currently have about 50 wordpress installations and some 10 php based sites on the server. Though wordpress is considered to be a efficient script, having […]

I am trying to redesign my homepage at the moment and in the process applying my new found skills with PHP. One thing I put in on all the versions of my homepage is a online status indicator with Yahoo! so that people can contact me directly and have their bricks on my face. Usually […]

The whole blogosphere is going through a redesign frenzy at the moment, so I decided to do one on my blog too. Though no earth-shattering changes from the previous blog theme, I changed the header and title of this blog to something that describes the blog better and how I want it to be. I […]

How NOT to SEO I recently noticed that I rank pretty high for the keyword “Web Designer Cochin” on the first as the 4th result. I got all happy and then I decided to have a goal to reach the top to topple the currently numero uno. I with my knowledge of search engine optimization, […]

This is an antique debate on using the do-follow plugin on your blogs. Are you looking for more comments on your blog or are you concerned about having a blog that “leaks” pageranks? I had some thoughts on this since I started blogging about a year back. But when JohnChow decided to sell do-follow on […]