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When my latest princess came home, I was in a fix as to how to move my chat history from one computer to another retaining all the precious archives and messages I sent and received on the PC for over 3 years now After a while of searching, I was not able to find proper […]

Bad news. I usually don’t post bad news on my blog since I always thought happiness is the key to a long life, and its not in my best interest to let my readers, especially the RSS readers to die quick . On the more “serious” kinda note, last week a school batch mate of […]

Earlier I had written about the war against mosquitoes. As I said, the mosquitoes have grown immune to the mp3 mosquito irritate-tor also! But since the life must go on and on, humans have devised more methods to get rid of these irritating pests. One of the methods that is getting increasingly popular here is […]