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I was supposed to take this session in the 5th edition of BarcampKerala, but unfortunately I was not able to due to many reasons. I started using Tudumo some months back and it has literally changed the way I think of work and its pressures. Wait a minute, pressure? what pressure! How would you feel […]

Music does wonders to all of us. But can it help in boosting our productivity? I had sometime back stumbled upon on some article where the author said that jazz is the best companion for the freelance writer. Unfortunately I did not note the URL or the specifics of the article. But since the start […]

Blogging from Desktop Blog Editors are something you should consider using for all your blogs as they take blogging to an all new level of productivity and time saving.Desktop Blog Editors are already used by a lot of bloggers and they tend to make things easier for a lot of people. So, do you use […]