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I used to have the number of subscribers on my blog displayed as text on the sidebar of this blog for sometime, but when my feeds got migrated to feedburner.google.com which was incentivized to me with their Adsense for RSS, my subscriber count just stopped updating and it was showing me errors. The new URL […]

Its very important to have your blogging milestones set before you start off blogging – thats what theory says. Unfortunately, I or anyone is rarely guided by people while starting off. After about 3 years of Blogging (4 years, If manually updating html pages everyday can be considered blogging) 😉 , here is what I […]

The other day, blogging idol went live and competition is going on strong. Though I was not a part of this competition, I was looking for ways to increase my own feed reader base. Since feed counts are what new advertisers and people use to judge your reach in the whole of blogosphere. Here are […]