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I am a internet junkie if not anything else! Spending hours reading blogs (about 250 of them) lurking around forums and not to mention Social Networks and the links shared on Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon. This has led to serious time management issues ever since I started working on my startup. I finally decided to […]

Pre P.S: I sincerely hope dad does not read the second paragraph! Does Anonymous You Online sound like an oxymoron??!? Well, its a rule that anyone getting online is not anonymous. For example a search for me renders around 9000 results online. That’s quite a lot about me online for everyone to see and read […]

SEO is something really simple and it amuses me that corporates are willing to shell out loads of greens on maintaining their top positions on SERPS. But then, though we all know how to change a bulb, we still pay an electrician to do it. Speciality is money in itself. Here are a few excerpts […]

This was what I found on a orkut profile: “Don’t bother adding me as a friend, I do not add strangers as friends. ” Then I thought, I would scrap him on orkut, but then it said only friends can scrap! Hell, then why even have accounts on all these “social” networks!?!?! I understand you […]