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This is a sponsored post from web templates. Being a part time web designer myself, I see a lot of people coming over to get a website done, or to redesign their existing design. While most people consider designing to be very important in the branding of their product, there are a select few who […]

I wanted to do this for a long time now, but had decided to do it only after my blog has some decent statistics worth bragging talking about. I always think linking out to others is a great way to grab their attention.Vandelay Website Design blog is one such blog who has used post level […]

The whole blogosphere is going through a redesign frenzy at the moment, so I decided to do one on my blog too. Though no earth-shattering changes from the previous blog theme, I changed the header and title of this blog to something that describes the blog better and how I want it to be. I […]

I am going to share some really useful tips on how you can get guaranteed top listings for any term you want. Do let me know if I missed anything in your comments below the post. Here goes! Before starting off, please do not read about my other SEO tips. Cloak your pages. This means […]

Are you the #1 out there? I am usually asking this since I have seen a few #1’s being toppled off by others. These new #1’s are then toppled by others and so on. It is usually very easy to target the numero uno and try to overtake them. But staying at the top is […]