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I was kinda shocked to hear this when I first read it on a tweet link. Then I rushed over to Mashable to confirm the news. It sadly is for real. If you started off online in the 90s, you would have certainly heard/used geocities, the free hosting site with a really simple interface. Just […]

Though I love Yahoo! for all its work online, there are a few times when Yahoo! gives problems too Since yesterday when I installed the Miscrosoft Visual Studio Express, I was not able to login to the messenger. It was giving me a error called 81003004 and told me to try again later. Trying it […]

I wish I had some cash to buy Yahoo! Stocks now! They have been seriously busy since they launched the all new Yahoo! Mail beta sometime back. I track Yahoo! very religiously since I love Yahoo! as a responsible corporation. I was one of those who did not want to see a Micro-hoo! 😉 Recently […]

When my latest princess came home, I was in a fix as to how to move my chat history from one computer to another retaining all the precious archives and messages I sent and received on the PC for over 3 years now After a while of searching, I was not able to find proper […]

I am trying to redesign my homepage at the moment and in the process applying my new found skills with PHP. One thing I put in on all the versions of my homepage is a online status indicator with Yahoo! so that people can contact me directly and have their bricks on my face. Usually […]

Recently Yahoo! claimed that they have managed to stop all Ebay and Paypal spam emails sometime early this month. I always thought Yahoo! had a great technology for stopping spam and they have some cool technology like DomainKeys and stuff like that. Today I got a email saying that my Paypal needs verification. Here is […]

Sometime back I unknowingly hid a member of my MyBlogLog Community from appearing in my recent visitors list. Later on, I felt bad about it and was looking for a way to restore/unblock that person’s face on mybloglog faces. But thanks to the great documentation of the MyBlogLog site and wonderfully helpful blog they have, […]