Anand Subramanian

Looking for someone to consult on your digital marketing initiatives? Or someone to create top notch content for press releases, guest blogging or business blogging? I’d be happy to help.

More than 8 years of working in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), affiliate marketing and Social Media Optimization with a strong passion has given me immense knowledge about everything internet. I have been online for most part of my life in the last 8 years and have developed a network of colleagues, friends and fans in my network with whom I constantly interact with.

If you looking for more information on how I became to be me, you should head over to my about me page.

Areas of Expertise

Blogging and Online Journalism
Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Wordpress – Content Management Systems
Online Lead Generation

Recognition and Honorable Mentions

  • Featured on TechnoFirst, a magazine for entrepreneurs and students in India
  • Mentioned in national newspapers like “The Hindu”, the “New Indian Express” and “Deccan Chronicle” for organizing and initiatives like CampusBlogs, Blog Camps and Bar Camps

Presented at

  • IIM-K, India’s premier management institute – WordPress as a “Content Management Simplified”
  • CampusBlogs Unconference¬† in Cochin – “Blogging Basics and WordPress as a tool”
  • CampusBlogs Unconference in Cochin – “Themeing for WordPress – Basics”


  • Been invited by companies to train their employees on WordPress and SEO
  • Involved in teaching students on blogging and making money online
  • Mentoring new bloggers and helping promote entrepreneurship and financial independence amongst students

Professional Experience

  • Co-Founder, Director, OneC Media Pvt. Ltd. (2011-Present)OneC Media is an initiative created to leverage our expertise in digital marketing to create websites and monetize them.
  • Campus Blogging Trust, Co-Trustee (2010-Present) – Created as a non-profit organization to promote blogging amongst students. The initiative aims to create blogs for colleges and schools to enable the institution to showcase the talent of their students online and share news. The blogs are created by the students and managed by them completely with the college overseeing the content. Unlike a campus magazine, a campus blog does not have limitations on number of pages or types of content making it a central location of college students to interact with each other.
  • Founder, COO ayruz web holdings (2008-Present) – It was created initially to consolidate my online income into a single web entity which started off as a passion since I was in school. But soon it was converted into a partnership venture with a few of my closest friends and competent partners.
    Ayruz web holdings now not only has a strong online presence in niche markets, but also a successful offline company which provides with custom web solutions for businesses from creating a website to generating business using digital strategies
  • Blogger/Freelance Content Developer(2007-Present) – Learned the secrets of a successful web copywriter by working with various enterprises looking to sell their product online. Also, this was the time I was able to concentrate on my long term passions of internet marketing and affiliate marketing online.


  • WordPress/CMS Consultation – If you are looking forward to use a Content Management Solution and lost in the sheer number of paid and free options available, I can help you decide if WordPress is the right solution for you. I would hate to charge for this consultation as WordPress has helped me a lot in my quest for financial independence. This is for companies who want to integrate WordPress as a CMS in their digital marketing strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services – This includes services like a Search Engine friendly design, optimization of content on your website, user interface analysis and keyword based optimization of your website to rank for keywords related to your business
  • Blogging and Outreach – I can help create a frequently updated blog for your brand as well as provide you with guest posting and blogger outreach solutions to let popular bloggers cover your business.
  • Internet Marketing Consultancy: Though the above mentioned services are a subset of Internet Marketing, this is more about a custom solution to help your company online with the right tools and strategies and promotion methods. This includes short term paid web advertising campaigns with a specific conversion target or simply a customized web design for your online presence.
  • Content Development: With my experience as a niche marketer, I have the ability to create original content for blogs, article marketing, press releases, e-books and case studies.

If you would like to chat with me on how I can help your business please do get in touch with me from the contact form. Click here.

Updated On January 22, 2014