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A self taught full stack digital marketer with 17+ years of practice on digital projects. I deliver measurable results with quality.

Been an entrepreneur in the past, Traveled ~7000 KMs in 13 days on a motorcycle and helped generate millions of USD through inbound.

I created my first webpage in 1998 on Geocities and this website has been my home on the web since 2006. I thrive on digital and I haphazardly blog about my observations, opinions, musings and learnings as I travel through life. I currently lead the digital marketing team at Fingent, a New York based IT solutions provider.

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Twitter launch new ad transparency tool…

….and digital marketers all over the world rub their palms together in anticipation! Thanks to recent push by US lawmakers towards transparency on social media. We now have transparency tools from Twitter and Facebook to view the ads that are run by different accounts. On Facebook, each page will have a section called “info and

Just Ripples

Hey, do you know John?

Hey, do you know John? John buys his clothes from vastra, an online shopping site which sells his favorite set of jeans much cheaper than the shop in MG Road. John recently purchased a cellphone, which he got at a thunder deal from a e-commerce site which sells everything from A to Z much cheaper

Life And Living It

Last Words…

This post is in the memory of my father V. Srinivasan who passed away on May 10th 2017. Last words: “Idu heart attack aakum, nyan thirumbi vera maatein, The End.” (This is a heart attack, I will not come back. The End.)

Hiring a Digital Marketer? Look for the T

Looking for a digital marketing specialist, must know – SEO SEM Social Media Blogging E-mail Marketing Affiliate Marketing Mobile Advertising Conversion Optimization Media Buying Lead Nurturing Content Marketing Growth Hacking Gardening, Plumbing, Dog Walking and Candidates with ability to perform open heart surgery during coffee break will be an added plus! If you are a

How to Hide Price of “Out Of Stock” Products on WooCommerce

Recently I had the chance to help a friend who wanted to hide price of “out of stock” products on her WooCommerce store. I could not find a solution for this online with a quick search and had to mashup a filter of my own. Hope this blog post helps those looking for a quick


What Is Your Travel Philosophy?

Arun Basil Lal’s travel philosophy on why he spends weeks in a location than visit every popular spot that the destination has to offer got me thinking about unique travel styles we all have. He rightly quotes – Travel as slow as possible This is something I completely agree with. I remember listening to one

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