4+1 SEO Tips You Cannot afford to Ignore

I usually take some time off to optimize my sites once in a while. I always thought that Search Engine Traffic is the best traffic for a blog. Since this traffic is highly targeted and they reach your blog looking for something specific and they are more likely to click on your contextual ads since they relate to what the visitor is looking for.

I have been ranking pretty consistently for the term – “Web Designer Cochin” for the last few months or so though I do not design or develop sites commercially, but it has got me some good friends in the industry. Also my other major traffic pulling terms include my post about Agloco Scam and some Airtel review posts I did in the initial stages of my blogging life. So what does it take to rank well in search engines? Here are some tips I used to help my site pages rank high.

  1. Link exchanges: Anyone can do this. I usually find a few other sites on my niche, but not directly competing with my sites and try to exchange or if required buy links from them.
  2. Keywords: Use them proportionately, but do not overuse your keywords. John Chow will vouch for this! He got slapped by Google for trying to game them.
  3. Catchy Domain Names?: I usually find this to be the most difficult choice of all. I usually find a short but catchy domain for my sites, but some of my fellow webmasters go for keyword oriented domains (free-online-gaga dotcom). If you ask me, I think the later will rank in the top faster, but otherwise I do not think they have a specific advantage.
  4. Navigation: Sites with a good navigation, complete with a sitemap and a closely interlinked pages are a visitors delight besides being a important factor.
  5. Keep reading TheAnand. 😀

Okay, maybe the last one is the most important of all! Jokes apart, whatever your SEO company tells you, cloaking, keyword stuffing and all that will not help, but will surely bite. Also SEO is a ongoing process since Google is always changing its algorithm and there are potentially a thousand other teens in their basement trying to overthrow yours site from the top if you managed to get there!

BTW, Did I miss anything really important?

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