5 Days of Easy Link Building


This week I am in mood for some link building! Anyone remotely interested getting more traffic to their website will be interested in knowing the various options to build links to your sites. After some hours spent on my mindmap on building links, I plan to tell you the various avenues to build links to your websites the easy way and get traffic to your website.

I plan to cover this mini-series in the next 5 days unless something else comes into my already hectic schedule at my startup.

What is Link building?

Link building is pretty much 70% of offpage SEO and stuff you do to get links to your site from other sites.


Search Engine Optimization! Gosh, were you under the rock? Or is this your first day on the internet? SEO is a series of activities you do to make your site more attractive to search engines*cough*human beings. You know, things like making your headings big and putting in keyword specific content on your site and the like? More interested in SEO? Hop on to my Free Search Engine Optimization Tips page and get some!

Ok, cool, so, What do I do?

I am planning to cover a few popular methods of linkbuilding already used by many webmasters. This post is like a documentation of the link building activities I do on most of my sites and this series of posts is a way to keep me going. (yea, its kinda boring!)

You can take your own site and join in with my tour of the wonderful world of link juices and get your website some valuable backlinks. To keep yourself updated, you can subscribe to TheAnand on RSS or get posts by email.

Boring? Is it easy for the average Joe/Michelle?

Yup! You may have to do some content development. But hey, if you know to write articles in 15 minutes, it shouldn’t be tough eh? I plan to spend around an hour a day on this process myself and spend another hour putting up a post about it.

Awesome, When do we start?

Tomorrow! Before you get started, make sure your site is optimized for the right keywords and you are good to go. Stay tuned for 5 days of link building frenzy


Following are the posts from this series.

Day 1 – Article Marketing for Backlinks. Resource for Day 1 – List of Article Marketing Directories.

Day 2 – Social Bookmarking: Day 2 of Easy Link Building.

Day 3 – Press Release: Day 3 of Easy Link Building.

Day 4 – Web2.0 Backlinks: Day 4 of Easy Link Building.

Day 5 – Directory Submissions – Day 5 of Easy Link Building.

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