5 Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Websites

Why Massive Scaled up Niche Websites? What is the Strategy, boss?


I currently have..err..so many of them that I dnt even remember how many, I get this question like everyday. Every other person I meet usually decides to start with one massive site with everything from Apples to Zebras, and I quitely smile to myself and try to explain that its not just right to do so.

I was there once. I had a site on paper which tried to do everything. The main reasons being that I did not have the cash to buy new domains or the resources to host so many of them. But time proved me wrong and then I began to diversify. Here are the reasons why I moved from a single site for all niches to single site per laser target niche.

  1. Audience – Its difficult to get an audience without focus. Someone might like your recipes category, but not your financial advice section.
  2. Conversion – When you laser target your niche with the Keyword Sniping concept by Court or other strategies, it converts at amazing percentile.
  3. Search Engine Advantage – While big sites like Wikipedia, yahoo answers or content based sites like sify or others have managed to get the top rankings for their umpteen niches, but they came from content contributed by masses, so if you are alone, laser focus your readers.
  4. Monetizing – Different niches need different niche strategies. Trust me, an ad placement for a female audience niche is never same as that of a male dominated search topic. (Hint: Handbags and used jet skis). 🙂

And the fifth and my own personal favorite – You never do it one at a time, all your eggs in one basket? No way!

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Thank You: TheAnands' 2500 Strong!