5 Reasons Your Adsense Site Makes Nothing

When I was starting my money online ventures almost 3 years(woo, the anniversary is comin up!) back I had adsense on my personal site in geocities and stuck up adsense chunks on all the three pages of my site and was waiting for revenue to roll in. But then, if you have had your hands dirty with adsense, you probably now know that it does not work that way 🙂

First Year Adsense Income - TheAnand

I got my account activated on the 3rd of November 2005. And that was my first years income on adsense! But unlike most others, I did not quit 😉 Currently making a decent money on adsense, I guess I can talk about a few reasons why you do not make anything out of your adsense sites.

1. Keywords – No, I am not talking SEO here, but for adsense to make money, you will want to have those keywords in your article which has some number of advertisers. And usage of keywords for SEO is already proved by the gurus out there. More Traffic –> More Clicks —> More Money!!!

2. Niche – Niche is something my blog does not have, so take a clue. I, after blogging for about 2 years now am yet to decide which category this blog belongs to. Its about me, blogging, wordpress, seo, money online and even technology or php or anything else! I still get confused which category to submit my site to when I apply for networks! Niche your site well and gain targetted traffic making more clicks on your ads.

3. Dead Site – Without regular updation, your site is dead. More pages indexed, more ways for the traffic to trickle in. No brainer, really.

4. Attention Deficiency – If you are anything like what I was, you are creating sites and then forgetting them, running behind more niches than you can actually handle. Treating each site like a business in itself can go a long way in making successful residual adsense income.

5. Time & Research – Research your keywords and you will understand why your 2 post blog on credit cards is making nothing! It usually take anywhere between 3-5 months when a site begins to show some decent traffic and money on adsense. And almost a year to reach its full potential if you have a proper link building and SEO blueprint up.

So, do you guys have adsense sites making you a passive income? Or are you fed up of looking at Today’s Earnings: $0.00 ? 😉 I wanted to know your feedback before I sit down to write a free report detailing step by step approach to adsense and basic SEO. Would you guys be interested?

  1. Good info! One site I’ve found to generate income online is at flixya. you get paid to share videos, photos and blogs.

  2. I’ve already quit using adsense 🙂

    Ha.. actually google banned me and u know ow much I earned? 40 usd that too in one and a half years.. google thought am clicking on ads 🙂 ha ha ha ha.. actually I wasnt even checking.. any way I started using bidvertiser.

  3. @ aravind i will put up the info soon then.

    @ Vishnu, Shoban, google does not ban people without any info. And their metrics are mostly very much perfect to find frauds exactly. And just because you are slow in earning will not get you banned either!

  4. @Vishnu,
    Google wont ban anyone’s account simply because its not earning anything. Bidvertiser will not give any money if Adsense didnt perform anything on your blog. May be you need to do some SEO and get some Google traffic. I earn a pretty good amount from Adsense.

  5. I really really suck at figuring out keywords. I dont know how people find out keywords. i tried the google hot trends list but stuff there is hardly related to my niche.
    Do you know of any way to figure out the latest hot keywords belonging to my niche?

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