5 Tips To Release Your Creative Juices

Do you think you totally lack creativity? I, for one is a person who totally lacks creativity when I am in front of Photoshop or Flash. Its because of both that I was never a good artist or know how to create what. But I am totally interested in creating stuff with it and spend hours to get that perfect look. But at times I feel I lack creativity to do anything useful. Why? Is creativity a trait of a select few? Can everyone unleash their creativity in a steady flow?

Here are a few tips I usually do to rediscover my creative juices.

  1. Read. This helps me gain new knowledge and grasp new ideas. I read a lot online and offline, good and bad and everything I can lay my hands on.
  2. Focus on a creativity activity. For me its either a stint with Photoshop, building a new site or writing content for the blogs I own.
  3. Think about something inside or outside the box. When I say both ways, I mean that though creative freedom is a beautiful thing, limitations enforce discipline.
  4. Try something new everyday. A new activity can do wonders on your mind. It puts you outside your comfort zone, making you alert and as you venture out of your C-Zone, you are entitled to adventure and you get experiences to share.
  5. Enjoy TheAnand! Well, it will not only help you learn stuff and also will give you some insights into the life of a will-be millionaire (Yea, positive attitude they say) 😀

These are some of the things I personally follow. this does help me a great deal. So, what do you do to get your creative juices flowing?

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