5 Tips to SEO for WordPress


WordPress wins hands down as the best CMS platform ever built. I build all my sites using wordpress and then customize them to become SEO powerhouses. I can confidently assure you that – I eat SEO for wordpress!

If you are looking for some basic SEO tips, I suggest reading my post – Free Search Engine Optimization Tips to get a head start. For those looking for some wordpress seo tips, lets start!

  1. Permalinks – The most important and the most power SEO tip for wordpress. It basically changes your links from sitename/page_id=12 to a more human readable format as sitename/postname. You can find it under Settings>Permalinks. Simple huh?
  2. Title Tags – WordPress combined with the All-In-One SEO Plugin lets you do this. Customize every page in your site with your target keyword. If you have doubts on how many keywords to target for?  Read this.
  3. Related Posts – I cannot tell you how important this is for internal linking for the search spiders and the visitors on your blog. You do not want them to leave, you want to them to do something.
  4. Design Titles – If you are trying to SEO every page on your site, then use h1/h2 tags on titles and make sure you link them to the same page with the post title. Most of the common themes do this already, but if you are on a custom theme, you might want to check that out.
  5. Permanent Links – If you notice that some of your posts get good exposure on search engines, put them on your sidebar or your footer with your keywords as title so that reader and the spiders can find them and assign appropriate importance to them.

Bonus Tip! Who does not like bonus points, hands up?!

Anticipate search keywords. People looking for a new model of a car might be more interested in reviews, price and features than the car itself. Keep this in mind with every article you write.

Thats about it on SEO turbo-charging your wordpress site! Do let me know your best SEO tip for wordpress.

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