5 Ways to Benefit From Recession

My cousin and I were trying to figure out ways to escape/reduce the problem of recession. Every person I have been talking to have worries over recession and especially those in IT related services.

They are a worried lot, with huge housing loans over their heads, with their net worth in the marriage market falling. These computer professionals are seeing an uncertain future.

But I think there are 5 ways you can actually benefit from a recession! Presenting TheAnand’s 5 ways to benefit from a recession.

1. Save Money – Is your wife nagging you for a new set of jewellery she saw on the mall last week? You for the first time in this century have a one word answer to her nagging! RECESSION!

2. Sound Intelligent – Now you can answer every question you do not understand with this magical powerful word that no one understands!

  • Why are our sales figures falling? Recession.
  • Why is our coffee maker is not working? Recession!
  • Dad, can I get a new G.I.Joe figure for Christmas? No, its Recession!
  • Why did you wake up late today? Mom! Its recession!

3. Make Money! – Take all the credit cards and loans you want from weak banks and financial institutions. They will possibly not survive the recession. You get free money 🙂 Did I tell you to get a Ford/GM car using their own financial plans. Great!

4. Fire ’em! – Its a great time to get rid of that hunk team member who was hitting on the office hottie you had your eyes on 😉 Brownie points for discovering the excuse for firing him.

5. It can’t write more…its Recession! DUH! (Hint: Tell this to your friends when you have not been blogging for a while)

  1. @Anand,
    I am sorry. Let us get this straight.
    It is not that I am busy and I am putting a smiley and running away.
    It is not that I want to drive traffic to my website by little work.

    It is just my way of communicating. In real life too, I talk very less, on a per need basis. If you think my comments(smilies) are not required here, delete them man!!

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