5 ways to get FREE traffic using Web 2.0 sites

Web 2.0 essentially means me, I mean you, that’s us!

The concept of Web 2.0 is basically user participation. If you have seen the video I had posted earlier, you must know what the whole Web 2.0 bubble is all about. Its all over the internet, web 2.0 design, web 2.0 content, web 2.0 this and web 2.0 that and web 2.0 everything! But as a part time designer and full time internet lover, I am most concerned about how to market my site and gain some exposure and in turn get some decent traffic. But hey, that’s the dream of
every blogger and site owner.

Here are some methods I found useful for getting some exposure for your site or blog. I am writing this after researching my own site statistics for the last 3 months, since that’s when I started marketing my blog.

#1. Yahoo! Answers: This has been one of my best referring sites to my site. I had been pretty aggressive in answering questions and helping out people in trouble. I answer questions related to the theme of my site and those which are general in nature, like windows errors and the like. These answers usually show up in the first page of Google searches hence resulting in more traffic. Also I included a link to my site in the sources section of every answer I made. However the following mail from Yahoo! soon made me stop that:

…..You have posted content to Yahoo! Answers in violation of our Community Guidelines. As a result, your content has been deleted….Reason of Violation:Solicitation or Personal Ads……

But I think I will continue to receive the traffic from Google. The key here is to answer questions that have a relation to what your blog is about.

#2. Comments: I have been very much happy with what commenting on other blogs has done to my traffic. I comment on what I feel on the topics posted in the sites I have on my RSS reader. This ensures that that blog owner will visit me. And second, if the comment is thoughtful, it will attract the readers of the other blog. Also trackbacks are also a good way of bringing in traffic, though I am yet to see their effect on my site.

#3. MyBlogLog: Initially I used this plugin just for the wow effect of it. It was fun looking at the faces of those who have been to my site recently. But soon I have began to realise the power of MyBlogLog, it has sent me a lot of visitors in a very short time, mainly from the sites that I regularly read and comment on. This should be used in combination with tip #2 for maximum results.

#4. Technorati: It is increasing becoming the popular blog-search engine. Though the number of referrals it has sent me is not very much, its prospects is not to be undermined.

#5. Digg: I saved this for the last since I have not really experienced the power of a digg front-page appearance yet. Though I submitted my Airtel 2 Mbps post, it has not given me much traffic. But as with Technorati, this is be watched and used well.

Have I left anything? Share it with your comments.

  1. Anand, I think you missed out LinkedIn. Having your profile with linkedin will help you result in the top most search for your name. And in turn, if you add your blog link as your website in LInked in, it will result in more inbound linking.

    Morever, Blog updates app in linked in will allow your blog posts to be visible to all Linked In users of similiar interest.

    Just a thought!

    1. hey, this article is more than a year old ๐Ÿ™‚ I was not aware of the linkedin at the time of writing this…thanks for the heads up on though ๐Ÿ™‚

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