5.2 lakh SMSes in a month!

SMS Man5.2 lakhs or half a million is the number of SMSes sent by a Indian on his quest to enter into the Guinness Books. Sounds crazy? It sure did to me! That is some way to spend a whole month. The guy – Deepak Sharma. The Operator – Airtel. The Phone – Nokia 6600. It seems that the Telecom company initially refused to send him a detailed bill as it overloaded their printers and the computer could not process the data. It sure should have been a problem as when the bill reached him, it weighed 12.5 kg and contained almost 1411pages! But the bill was not that heavy on his pocket as he had used the Rs. 99 SMS unlimited pack. With this bill as evidence, he is sure to get into the Books of World Record. If you know friends who send txt messages a lot and boasts about the numbers they send each month, be sure to tell ’em about this SMS King Kong!

Via ExpressIndia.

  1. yes, he used a unlimited plan for Rs. 99, that’s about 2 dollars.

    Compared to the US rates, here the SMS rates here are dirt cheap. Normal charges are Rs. 1 or 0.02$, cheap huh? !!

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