8 Random facts about me !

Recently this tagging game has been doing the rounds. I was tagged by Venu. So here are some random stuff from TheAnand!

  1. I am a Internet addict. I am usually online for more than 12 hrs a day. Usually surfing around, reading and learing stuff.
  2. I was never interested in studying at school. But when I passed out from School, I was the School Topper in Computer Science. 🙂 While in Math I scraped through, Computers comes naturally for me
  3. I used to have suicidal tendencies, pre high school.
  4. I am usually a shy person, prefers listening to speaking, following to leading. But I am a good ally for any leader. Just that I am not confident enough with myself.
  5. I love partying like hell, enjoy dancing around having loads of fun. I usually do not attend much parties, but once I do, I enjoy myself!
  6. Shymz.com is my new project, which is a social networking site of sorts. There is a lot riding on the success of this site.
  7. I am a CEO of a offline business inherited from my Grandfather. Its a clearing and forwarding company which is more than 40 years old. More than twice as old as me! 😆
  8. I am interested in enterprunering than be working under some MNC.

Here goes some 8 random facts about me. I am tagging some of my friends whose blog I read very regularly.

Looking forward to know more about you guys! There is another bonus if you accept this tagging. I am still running the Cash Giveaway, if you linkback, you stand a chance to win it too! 😈 Good luck! 😎