A Plugin A Day!

Binny is one of the very few social networking programmers I know of. Most of the programmers and coders that I know spend hours in front of the computer and have close to zero social life. But Binny is different in the fact that he attends almost every tech related camp in Kerala in spite of his busy programming schedule.

Binny is now on a mission to challenge himself by creating one plugin a day all this week. Thats about 5 plugins in this week, considering the fact that he does not like working on Saturday and Sunday.The contest already started off and so far he has given us these plugins

Be sure to follow his blog for the rest of plugins and in case you are looking for some premium plugin to be made, Binny is the person you are looking for! Also, I am sure if you have any plugin requirement ideas, he will look into it too depending on how many people will find the plugin useful.