Adsense for Feedburner is Active

Last month Google opened up their adsense for feeds for the public and I had tried to add my feeds, but I had to move all my feeds from feedburner to google feedburner. I had requested for the switch and forgot about it. Yesterday I got their mail about the confirmation of the transfer of feeds.

Hello TheAnand,

Success! As you requested, we have migrated your FeedBurner account to your requested Google Account.

You may now access all of your feeds by visiting this address:

Finally, I setup the adsense and it is now live and running on my feeds. These ads however will not be shown in feeds for emails or in blog aggregators. I do not expect to make a lot of money off this as almost 60% of my current readers are from feeds for emails. Anyone using the adsense for feeds yet? I would love to hear your comments and insights on this.

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