Advice on Hardwares, Softwares from GadgetAdvisor

Usually advice and technology news blogs are galore all over the internet but its difficult to get a name for yourself in this niche. The market is usually lead by the biggies like TechCrunch or Gizmodo or others. But then, I do not subscribe to these sites, mainly cuz they have at least 10-30 posts a day and its usually everything about technology in hardware, software and gadgets.

But here is a site that claims to post only the best of the best in tech news. GadgetAdvisor – Cutting through the cutting egde. Inlike the big blogs in the niche, the Gadget Advisor aims to post news that are significant, useful or particularly cool. Their list of interesting news include:

Drop by the Gadget Advisor and check if they are worthy of an addition to your RSS reader.

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