AGloCo Scam-Bar Slated for Release

The AGloCo Scam-Viewbar is currently slated for release on Monday, that’s Tuesday in Asia. Hope they keep up their word this time, else they are in for a beating from most members! Their official blog has announced that the viewbar will be avaliable for download and use with most Windows machines with support for IE and Firefox.

They say that the ad server problem of not able to talk properly has been worked around by disconnecting some of those not talking servers and hence you will get some ads, but not full ads. This will mean a delay in getting the full benefit of the system. But most members are at a loss as to how much money they will make, how they will make it and all that. AGloCo still looks like a scam to me, if it does make money…well…lets wait for that day!

How many of you have joined this program? I am in, initially I was so exited about this that I promoted it well and got about 18 members. How many do you have and what are your thoughts on Agloco?

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