Airtel Advantage: Review

I had written earlier that I was going to quit my day job at Airtel in Cochin and start concentrating on my studies and my online activities. But due to some reason or the other, for the better or the worse I am still with Airtel Broadband and Telephone Services.

I work in the retention team here in Cochin. My job? Bring back customers who are leaving us. That’s my job profile in one line. Customer retention is a major concern for every telecom operator all over the global village. Recently Economic Times published statistics that says that 1/4th of the customer base moves between the operators in a year! Most companies have realised or are in the process of realising that a customer retained is better than two customers acquired.

After being with the company for almost 8 months, It was only last month that I became a customer of Airtel Broadband Services. Earlier I accessed the net through via GPRS, whose speed is not very commendable. I took Airtel Broadband last month in the home 399 plan which gives me unlimited internet access 24×7 at 64kbs. It is not broadband actually since TRAI defines it as an internet connection with speeds upto 256kbps, but unlimited access is all I ask for now.

But this post is not about Airtel Broadband or its service, but this is all about Advantage Airtel.

Advantage #1: Speed

No matter which plan of airtel you use, you are definitely assured speeds, since Airtel commits to 1:1 speeds for all plans upto 256kbps.

Advantage #2: Other Perks

Did you know that if you are a customer of Airtel, you are eligible for a free copy of McAfee Anti-virus? With free updates and a personal firewall, you are sure to be safe from hackers and other malicious softwares.

Advantage #3: Free Phone

If you take an internet connection from airtel, you get a phone free with it, with a few or no free calls. Advantage? use it for incoming purposes and you will not be charged a paisa/cent, Ever!

Advantage #4: Gamer Delights

If you are a avid gamer, Airtel has what you require to quench to play. If you visit the official Airtel Broadband site, you will see a Games On Demand link, use it to register and play unlimited games 24×7 for just Rs. 199 per month. Cheap considering the variety of games you can play and the number of games available.

Advantage #5: I work there!

This is a definite advantage to all my readers here, right? 😉

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go with Airtel for your internet access. Hope you enjoyed them and do leave your comments on this.