Airtel Live: Free Download Hacks

This is my follow up post to my Free Airtel Recharge Hacks which has been very successful in bringing in some search traffic due to some unknown reason. Since it was nothing but a stupid joke which I got from a friend, I thought of bringing in some value to that post.

Airtel has been a very successful company in the Telecom Industry in India, providing innovative services and other value addition to the customer. Also Airtel is a hot topic in most Indian forums, due to its easter eggs. You never know what you will stumble into when you dive in.

Coincidently on the easter day, I found a easter egg of Airtel. Like every online site, Airtel stores its files on servers, which one can access after completing a successful payment. I was just tinkering around with a few ip addresses when I came across a few where you can access the files directly hence avoiding the payment for that. Now download wallpapers, ringtones, games and everything you can find in the Airtel Live! Page without acctually having to pay for them. This is a very good hack considering that Airtel Live products are generally very costly and extremely over priced.

Here are the links:

Note that these URLs can be accessed only from a Airtel Sim with Airtel Live activated. Use the built-in browser to access them since I could not view them using the Symbian Opera browser. Have fun and tell me if it works for you!
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