Amvizone Internet Cine Awards 2008

Our good friends at Amvizone are attempting to bring the movie awards to the Internet. It is a refreshing change from the usual movie awards where nothing is transparent and the masses get to say almost nothing about who wins the awards. The system is impressive and has been getting a great response from the film enthusiasts in Kerala. But I am kinda sad about Pritviraj not in the top of Best Actor Awards.

Go visit the site and vote of Pritviraj now!! And if you are a blogger, spread the word and let your favorite star win. The Kerala movie industry being very small needs all the support it can to thrive.

The contest also has a whole lot of other categories and nominees who you might want to check. The voting results are live and can be seen here.

Amvizone Internet Cine Awards 2008

  1. hey anand..
    i beg to differ..
    this will bring out a totally biasedoutput giving inputs from ppl who have no clue abt wht they are voting for..
    cine awards, unlike betting for the best pizzas or vouching for your favorite stuff, is a serious affair, where the talent of the artists/es are to be judged and this cannot be done by lame men..

    we can use internet voting facilities.. but you should be able to realise when you’re overdoing things..

    1. But, these movie makers are making movies for us, the “lame men”? I as a movie goer dnt really care which camera was used or at what angle the lighting was setup at…I want to feel good, laugh my butt off, take a lesson home or even puke with disgust….At the end of it, if the mass feels that the movie did good, why can’t they judge it too?

      Its the commoners who decide about the commercial success of a movie than a “qualified movie expert”, don’t you think?

  2. hey..
    whom it is meant for and who decides the success is different from judging it from an art perspective..
    this is the problem with “LAME MEN”. Not all can appreciate art.
    Though some movies have great acting skills in them.. it is not noticed cos probably there was no LOVE STORY in it.. or cos the theme was not upto their level of comprehension.
    there are different perspectives to art..
    there are soo many things to a movie of which the common man comprehends very little.
    hence movie goers and judges are totally different ppl.
    success of a movie is different and the complexity af skills involved in a movie is different

    PLS NOTE: Dont rebike cos you want to.. Rebuke only if yu still dont see my point.

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