Anand is not dead yet!

Just to clarify my status, I just wanted to tell a few fans (mainly myself 😉 ) of my blog and other readers that Anand is not dead yet! I was putting up posting to the next day all these days mainly due to laziness and pressure at college and other not so life threating problems. So what was I upto all these days?

  • I had the first flight travel of my life on 18th Oct. 2007 to Chennai in Indian Airlines from my home town Cochin. And good things come in a big box, I had my return in the evening in Deccan Air. 😀
  • I got a shock that my pet project Shymz might be delayed either indefinitely or is temporarily shelved.
  • I bought a few more domains to make some small minisites which will see the daylight in a week or so.
  • College is giving me the pressure with the exams on in December which I hate. Talk about studying rather than learning 🙁
  • Alexa hates me and has been pushing my rankings out of the window in the last few weeks. Beats me, since the traffic is more than 100% up than before! I have to try installing their toolbar and get rid of my Search status plugin sometime.
  • This month on I am trying to rank well for my own name Anand on google using my little knowledge of SEO. I will also try to rank higher up for my web design and development keywords related to Cochin, Kerala 😉
  • Also lookout for some cool advertising deals on TheAnand soon. I will give you a cool 50% discount starting now till the end of this month. Check my advertising page for more information and mail me if you need any more assistance. 😉

Whats up with you people out there? I am interested in knowing more about Shypy, Venu, Carl Pei, Gary Lee, Mubin, Shanker, and you if you have your blog dead for more than 5 days. So dust your dashboard and tell me what you have been upto these days! 😉 And I would like to extend my apologies to Court, who recently ran a super group writing project which I really missed participating. He has some super entries worth reading for all you internet marketing people out there.

I tag this post to my friends blog who have been silent for sometime now, who knows, they maybe inspired to break the silence and get back to mainstream blogging again. 😉

  1. Not really lack of my time, just that the guy who was sup. to be doing the coding is too busy. I am yet to decide if I want to be doing this again or temporary shelving it till my exams are over.

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