Announcing the end of 27.93 Giveaway!!

I am announcing the end of my $27.93 cash giveaway today. The response was pretty good and some more entries are in. I wanted to give everyone a fair chance before I closed this contest.

Also my server troubles meant that I could not give the needed attention to this contest. Nevertheless, the contest closes on 31st of August. The winner will be chosen randomly from the entries to win the $27.93. Here are the recent entries that I got: entered the contest and has some nice information on reading skills which I enjoyed reading. I used to read a lot, but not much these days.

Munny4hunny (love the rhyme!) who seems to have suffered a burn of Google recently is working on LiveWyre.NET which is a good concept. Good luck Hunny!

LinkyLove is the person who acted fast to join in the “Pass the John Chow Pen” game. Has anyone taken it from you yet?

Shyps is a helpful chat friend of mine. Dude, Its 27.93, not 77.93!! 😉 He introduced me to the ImageShack wordpress plugin which will be very useful for those with little webspace.

A shout for Vandelay Designs who have a massive list of 83 resources for webmasters. I found myself bookmarking that page for future reference.

So, now you know, get those entries in before the 31st this month and not to mention, this year!!! If you are thinking to host a contest on your blog, you will be interested in knowing the after-effects of a contest on your blog’s traffic. I am already working on a case study for a blog contest on a popular blogger which should be published soon.So, Stay tuned 😉